Monthly Archives: May 2011

coming through the speakers

it took me about a month of living here in Amsterdam to realize how much i missed that nostalgic old thing, the radio.  or rather, how much i missed finding new music.  since i spent a lot of time in my car back home, commuting through urban sprawl, i would always listen to XM to and from the jay oh bee.  one of the things i loved most about XM was the uncensored hip hop channels (i’m looking at you, shade45).  it kind of goes without saying that since moving to what feels like the techno capital of the earth, i’ve been a bit deprived of my rap fill.

luckily for me, a friend of mine turned me onto Brenmar a couple of weeks ago.  his latest mixtape fuzes the oonce-oonce with some kels, to ease me back into the genre of music that i know and love.

additionally said friend’s fiance, turned me on to The Weeknd (power couple FTW).  shit y’all.  house of balloons has been the soundtrack for pretty much everything i’ve done for the past month.  grocery shopping?  slow jams.  writing my thesis?  slow jams.

some friends and i have also discovered a cocktail bar here in amsterdam (this is rare, trust me) that serves cheap delicious drinks with such unabashed names as “harry canary.”  but the best part, and really what keeps me going back, is the music.  umm how long has it been since you’ve sipped a mojito and listened to shorty swing my way?  probably a hot minute.

i think this will be the summer of 1998.